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With our non-surgical aesthetic methods, you can examine our regional slimming methods for a more fit and more attractive appearance in your body.

Body therapies are methods that contain many treatments that appear to be very comprehensive. However, regional slimming, regional thinning comes to mind when it is called non-surgical body treatments. There are many methods available for today’s technologies used for non-surgical body treatments. Before mentioning these, it is no longer difficult for men or women to have a thinner, more fit, firmer body by getting rid of their discomfort in their body. With the regional slimming and regional thinning therapies, which are becoming widespread nowadays, however, it is very important to be done by specialist doctors, many people can achieve the desired fineness and firmness in a very short time. Non-surgical body treatments differ from each other according to the latest technologies.Cold Lipolysis;

Cold lipolysis, which is known as the most successful regional slimming and regional thinning method of the latest technology, shows a significant decrease and thinning in the basin, belly, back, legs in a single session. Cold lipolysis, which causes unwanted fat to be removed without damaging the tissues, provides serious results with a 45-minute session without any pain or pain. Non-surgical body treatments are among the effective methods to provide serious results.

Exilis Regional Slimming;

For the regional redundancies that are disturbed by men or women, very strict diets or operative treatments are shelved. Women who are uncomfortable with cellulite can no longer suffer from pain, pain and pain. Many treatments have been combined in the Exilis regional slimming method. Exilis regional thinning method, which provides regional slimming, rejuvenation and cellulite treatment, decreases the fat in the body and provides skin tightening and regeneration. Exilis regional slimming is one of the most effective methods known as non-surgical body treatments.

Endymed 4d Cellulite Treatment;

Endymed non-surgical body treatments can offer a personalized treatment method in different parts of the body. It is possible to make applications that are tailored to the specific needs of the face or body with different headings. Winding, relaxation, cellulite or cracked system can be applied with the endymed system in a short time to get rid of these problems and results are provided.


Differences in nutrition Many factors, such as hormonal imbalances, can lead to lubrication in different parts of our body and inability to preserve regional fineness. Cavitation is one of the methods known as non-surgical body treatments. With the cavitation that provides successful results among the regional slimming methods, which provide the burning of the oils with ultrasonic sound waves, regional thinning can be achieved without any pain, no pain.

It should not be forgotten that these treatments, which should be done by specialist doctors in their work, can threaten the skin without good results if they are not made with the right products. You can have the image you want with the steps that will be followed by your doctor in the treatments that can be applied individually.

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