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Cold Lipolysis

With cold lipolysis, you will provide a 8-10 cm thinning in one session. For detailed information about cold lipolysis prices, please contact us.

Especially in the food we eat today, the hormone balance differentiation, sedentary life, stress and unbalanced nutrition and fat in our body is a big problem emerges. Regardless of gender, everyone is uncomfortable with this oiling and image. In terms of health, excess fat in the body is one of the factors that cause major problems in the advancing age. For this reason, non-surgical aesthetic methods provided various improvements in this subject and produced very effective results. One of the resulting methods is a non-surgical treatment which provides thinning in the oily area called cold lipolysis. Cold lipolysis aims to provide thinner and smoother appearance by providing thinning in certain regions that are lubricated in my body.

Cold lipolysis, especially in the belly, basin, leg, lower abdomen, arms and back in areas such as a very high degree of thinning of the uncomfortable appearance of the fat rescues you. Cold lipolysis is a treatment that breaks down the fat at -8 and -12 degrees and breaks 8 to 10 cm in the applied areas. With cold lipolysis treatment that lasts for about 45-60 minutes, you can have painless painless procedure without any side effects, bleeding or bruising. By getting serious results, you can move your outfit more elegant, especially in the summer or at special times such as weddings, graduations, giving a more formal look. With this method for both men and women, serious regional thinning is provided. Cold lipolysis treatment is a one-session treatment and it is a method that will provide you with satisfaction. Of course, cold lipolysis that should be done by specialist doctors should not be done anywhere. Before the treatment, you should definitely have your examination and determine which areas should be applied. Cold lipolysis prices also vary in many places. Cold lipolysis prices also vary according to the experience of the physician and the originality of the machine and your region. The price of cold lipolysis should be enough to match the service you receive. You can get detailed information about cold lipolysis prices.

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