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Golden Thread Face Lift

Face lifting with golden rope eliminates sagging and wrinkles. Contact us for face lift or face lifting treatment with a golden thread.

As it is known, the desire of women for years is to look young and beautiful. With the advancement of technology, the women who take even the most painful and difficult aesthetic methods in order to ensure this appearance, have begun to turn to the treatment methods which are much easier and more effective. One of these non-surgical rejuvenation methods is known as face lifting. Gold rope is a type of treatment that helps the person to face sagging and wrinkles in 30-40 minute treatments without pain and pain. Skin rejuvenation and renewal process, which provides the golden rope with the very effective results of the face lift is very satisfied with the ladies. Gold lifting treatment with very short and daily life does not affect the daily life of the skin under the skin, connective tissue and collagen structure by acting on the skin regeneration process to begin the regeneration of the rejuvenation process. These aesthetic threads left in the skin initiate the regeneration by mobilizing the tissues. In addition, these aesthetic threads that are left under the skin in the face lift treatment with golden rope disappear spontaneously. In the face lift treatment with golden thread there is no pain, pain or feeling. The ropes left under the skin can be felt by the ropes that the person cannot feel, so the person can continue his daily life immediately after the application. Of course, before performing facial lifting procedures, a doctor should be examined by a specialist and his skin needs to be determined. Doing such procedures in beauty salons can lead to very dangerous consequences. The ropes applied to the face lift treatment with golden thread are special threads. These ropes do not harm the health or to obtain the desired result must be made of original and high quality ropes. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the location and the materials used there. You can get detailed information about the facial lift treatment by calling us. Face to face with the golden rope will challenge you as a result.

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