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Prp Plasma Hair Treatment

Prp – plasma hair treatment strengthens the sparse hair. Prp hair treatment should be performed by a specialist. Contact us for PRP treatment.

Prp – Plasma hair treatment is one of the most popular hair treatment methods. Prp hair treatment is a procedure that is done by injecting the person to the person after taking certain blood tests. The process is carried out by centrifugation of the blood in the laboratory and leukocytes with the separated platelets provide growth and renewal factor. The hair loss is stopped and the weak hair is strengthened by the treatment of hair follicles and hair follicles by treatment with prp. In this respect, prp – plasma hair treatment is a very successful method as a painless painless procedure that provides serious results. Prp treatment is not a risk of allergy because it is a person’s own blood. Prp – plasma hair treatment, which should be used especially in hairy and rare hair, allows the skin to be regenerated and strengthened. strengthening and hair transplantation in this way a more accurate form of hair transplantation. After 30 to 45 minutes of prp treatment in general, the patient can continue his daily life without interruption. Prp – plasma hair treatment will not be certain that any trace or process is going to be as daily life will continue to be stronger than will be provided. Prp hair treatment should be within the intervals determined according to the person’s needs. The number of sessions may vary depending on the person’s hair condition, incidence and which areas to apply. In general, prp treatment can be performed in 6-8 sessions. Prp – plasma hair treatment with thickening of the hair, increase in hair quality, decrease in dilution and hair loss, such as the effects will be seen. Prp treatment, which should definitely be done by a physician, is attempted by many people who are not doctors. For this reason, it is very important for the patients to research the place where prp hair treatment will be done and to recognize the doctor. People who are very satisfied with the healthy prp treatment and receive the results they want will be seen.

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