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Stem cell therapy is the treatment of hair treatment. You can contact us for stem cell therapy with very good results.

When we look at the causes of hair loss, we can see that the biggest problem is not feeding the hair follicles. Hair treatment methods are highly developed with the help of technology. Stem cell therapy has become a very successful method in terms of feeding the hair and increasing the density of sparse hair. With the stem cells formed from the person’s own body, it is ensured that the hair is fed and the new hair becomes louder. As known, stem cell therapy has emerged as the repair of damaged tissues. Stem cells that form all tissues and organs in our own body. Stem cell therapy is one of the most successful methods of hair treatment. Therefore, stem cell therapy applied before hair transplantation is much higher in hair transplantation. has been shown to provide the way out. The stem cells, which are formed from the individual’s own body, are injected into the hair follicles and the cells are divided to form new hair fibers. Among the hair treatment methods, stem cell therapy is quite prominent. When the results are examined, it is understood that this is a popular application among hair treatment methods. With no side effects and harmless stem cell therapy, it is aimed to completely solve the problem of sparse and spilled hair, while the application of stem cell therapy before the hair transplantation to be applied for the removal of purity completely appears to be the reason for preferential hair removal and strength. Stem cell therapy is applied in the laboratory with reproduction of the taken oil for about 1 month. For this reason, it is very important that we should not be deceived by many beauty centers and false procedures on the market and should be done by doctors.

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